Build an Entire Online Business Using PLR

Whether you’re just starting out online or starting to realize the burden of having to do everything yourself, you’ll soon discover that content creation is one area of your business that zaps your time, energy and money.

Online marketers need content in almost every aspect of their business. From building a list to selling or recommending products and creating a buzz about their brand, it takes a lot of creativity, research and work to churn out the number of pages you need for even one branch and niche in this industry.

Private label right (PLR), when you know how to shop smart for them, can be a huge relief to Internet marketers who don’t have the time, talent or financial resources to either create the content on their own or outsource it to expensive ghostwriters.

In the pages below, you’re going to see just how easy it is to build an entire business using readymade content where you have the right to put your name on it as your own and edit it any way you like so that it properly represents your brand.

The Many Benefits of Readymade PLR Content

If you are one of the online entrepreneurs who isn’t quite familiar with private label rights or how beneficial they can be to your business, you may be wondering why some people shy away from them and some people buy up any and every piece of content they can find.

Those who stare clear of PLR are usually the ones who have purchased the unsavory packs of content with tens of thousands of pieces for a penny or a few dollars. These are usually created from unethical means, which often involve using a tool to scrape content off of the Internet and have the bot reorganize the wording and try to rewrite it.

What usually happens is the content ends up reading very horribly, and the entire purchase is a waste of money. This is something only scammers do, but there are dozens of ethical, hardworking private label rights vendors who do a great job of researching and writing their content from scratch so that you can have it properly represent your brand and business proudly.

These are often people who started off as highly paid ghostwriters or six figure marketers who began selling the rights to content that they were creating because other marketers did not have the time or talent to do it themselves.

By using the right kind of private label rights, you can enjoy a faster path to success. Content creation can take quite a bit of time when you have to brainstorm from scratch, research so that you have accurate information, organize your thoughts, create the content fully, and go through the editing process afterwards.

Another thing marketers love about using private label rights is that it often contains ideas they didn’t think of. When you are purchasing content from someone else, such as an eBook about 50 ways to improve the search engine optimization of your website, the PLR seller may provide several methods you have not considered.

PLR Is editable, which is a wonderful perk for marketers who like to use the content as more of a springboard to supplement their own thoughts and ideas. You can add to the content, tweak it slightly, remove anything you disagree with, or rewrite it in full without having to go through the brainstorming and creativity process fully.

Cost is another factor that online entrepreneurs love about PLR. while ghostwriting might cost you up to $20 per page or more, you can buy private label rights for as little as $0.50 per page during a launch or $1 per page or per piece on a regular day.

This is an important thing to consider when you tally up the volume of content that is required to run your entire online business. When you need blog posts, email autoresponders, lead magnets, bonus reports, info products, social networking posts, info products to sell, and more you realize that keeping up with it can consume all of your time online.

Another wonderful thing about private label rights is that it has many uses. Not only can you take one content pack and use it as it was sold as, such as a blog post content pack, but you can repurpose it into other items like compiling the posts into an eBook – or breaking an eBook down into multiple blog posts or emails.

You can also take certain content packs and use them across multiple niches. For example, if you find a bundle of motivational PLR, you could apply that to any niche where a goal is important, like financial success, weight loss, relationships and more.

How to Shop Smart for PLR to Build Every Branch of Your Business

So the first step in building a business using PLR is to not allow yourself to buy shoddy products. Poor quality PLR is more of a hassle than it’s worth – and if you try to just slap up bad content to build a business, you’ll go to all of that effort for no return (not to mention ruin your reputation in the process).

Quality has to come first, and don’t worry – you can find the best quality products at a price you can afford. Let’s talk about who you can buy from, what they sell, and how to get the content you need at the right price.

Arun Chandran, Tiffany Lambert, Justin Popovic, Charles Harper, Alice Seba, Sharyn Sheldon, Nicole Dean and Melissa Ingold, Tracy Roberts and Suzanne Myers, Ronnie Nijmeh, Dr. Loy Puckett, JR Lang, and Susie O Dea (to name a few) are all good PLR sellers whose ethics are intact and whose quality is good.

You never want to simply look at a bestseller list or even a vendor who has been given a deal of the day” type of spot and assume their quality or ethics are intact. There are many individuals who promote one another with unsuspecting lists of subscribers who boost their sales, even though their content is scraped off the web or just poor quality in general.

You never want to equate sales numbers with quality. You have to see it for yourself. You also want to be networking with ethical marketers so that you know the behind-the-scenes gossip and discussions about the things people do to sell content.

If you’re in the dark, you might spend money on a PLR pack by an unsavory individual who just copied it from a legitimate website owner, who will come after you when they get notified that your site is using their information.

Ask around if you have a specific need for PLR in a niche that you can’t find content for – or if you just need more content in a niche where there is ample PLR. You can make requests from some of your favorite, trusted PLR providers and they can create packs that are a good fit for what you need, and they’re often looking for ideas.

You should get on the list of PLR providers. Not only do they often give free PLR gifts out to their subscribers, but they secure deals for you and create specials that only their subscribers can take advantage of, in many instances.

You also want to look where PLR is sold, such as Warrior Plus and JVZoo. Be careful here about judging top sellers based on the prominence of their offer. Many thieves have gained top spots because of the shady reciprocal promotions, but it’s a good place to find valuable vendors, too.

Watch for launches of PLR content. This is when sellers discount the price of brand new packs (or existing packs in some cases) to approximately $0.50 per item or per page. After the launch is over, the price will usually go to the $1 price point that’s typical of PLR sales.

If you’re buying limited PLR, it might be a bit more expensive, such as $2 per page, but then fewer people will own the content, so you won’t be competing with many other individuals using the same PLR.

You might want to shop around during a launch of new PLR to see if any of the affiliate marketers who are promoting the bundle have a bonus. You can often get a large bonus of content free just for purchasing it through someone’s link.

When you are bonus shopping, you want to make sure that you are purchasing through someone who is as trustworthy as the vendor who is launching the new product. You don’t want to receive a bonus that is scraped content or poor quality, either.

Another thing you want to look for when you’re shopping for good PLR to buy is a license that is not more of a hassle than it’s worth. There is no one-size-fits-all license for private label rights.

Every vendor will have their own unique take on what you can and cannot do with the content they are selling. Some vendors will keep it simple and want you to use your own name on the content and not pass the content rights onto others to use as their own.

In other words, you can only let your audience consume or read the information and not use it on their own website (for this, you would need to find resell PLR that allows you to do this).

But some vendors make their license very complex, dictating how much you have to charge for the content or what you can and cannot break up or merge together. If you find content that is really good, you may not mind abiding by these rules, but you need to keep track of what the licenses so that you don’t step on any toes.

Get a PLR Content Pack to Serve as Your Lead Magnet

If you want to build your entire business online, you want to start by securing private label rights that can help you build a list first and foremost. That means looking for a good lead magnet.

Keep in mind that in most cases, you don’t have to find something that is specified as being a lead magnet or opt in report. You might find something that just says short report or bonus report, or even an eBook.

Assuming the PLR vendor allows it, you can take any piece of content that they sell and compile it together into a report that you give away as a free PDF to new subscribers who get on your list.

Not all lead magnets are digital reports, either. Your offer on your lead magnet page maybe that your new subscribers will receive a series of emails that are dripped out to them over a period of time, such as two weeks or 10 days or even a month.

If this is the kind of lead magnet offer you want to provide to your audience, you can find a bundle of private label rights articles or emails and queue those up for your new subscribers to receive every other day or however often you want them to get a new e-mail.

You will be able to find many bundles of content that specifically include lead magnet content. Not only does this include the text or video itself, but it also includes the lead magnet page and graphics that go along with it so that you can build a list without having to go through the process of designing a page and the copy as well as the graphics to represent the free gift.

If you don’t find a ready made bundle that has the lead magnet with sales page, and the graphics, you can always create your own sales page graphics using a free tool like Canva or SmartMockups.

You can check the report to see what bulletpoints you can craft for the lead magnet page and come up with a headline of your own. Be sure to refer back to the sales page the PLR vendor used because they’ll often provide insight about the benefits of owning that content, which you can convey on your lead magnet page.

Queue Up a Series of Nurturing Emails from PLR Packs

In order to keep people subscribed to your email autoresponder list, you have to nurture them in their goals and help them prevent any pain points or obstacles from continuing on in their life.

Many PLR vendors will sell a series of autoresponders that you can queue up into follow up emails that will be dripped out to your list on a schedule that you set. Sometimes, you can find a bundle that includes the lead magnet along with the follow up emails combined.

When you find PLR autoresponders, they are often formatted with the greeting that you will use that automatically fills in the subscriber’s first name. but if it is not formatted for you, you can always add that whenever you create your emails.

Sometimes, the PLR autoresponders will have two to three subjects that you can choose from so that not everyone is using the exact same subject line. If you change any part of your private label rights bundle, you may want to change the subject specifically so that it is unique whenever it hits peoples’ in-boxes.

If you can’t find anything that is specifically created as email content, you can always take other private label rights and divide it up into autoresponders. you might create a series for your readers that you have crafted by breaking up a full eBook or report.

There are some private label rights vendors who also sell packs that have blog posts with corresponding email autoresponders. So you can create the blog posts and then queue up emails that send your subscribers to those posts.

These emails do more than just announce a specific link. They pique the curiosity of the audience or tease them so that they will want to click through and go read the full content.

You can do this with product reviews as well. If you post your product reviews on your blog, you can take a corresponding email topic and include the link back to your blog so that you can enjoy some sales from those emails.

Another thing you want to do when it comes to your autoresponders using PLR is to periodically take a report or even a full eBook that you buy and convert it into a PDF that you send as an unexpected gift to your subscribers to read.

Most people only think about the initial signup gift, but surprising your subscribers with something every once in awhile that doesn’t cost you a lot of money, but that benefits your readers, is a great way to keep people subscribed.

Pull Traffic Into Your Blog By Optimizing PLR Posts

Emails and lead magnets are not publicly available to search bots to be used to rank your site in the search engine results pages (SERPs), but blog posts are. So this is one area where you’ll want to focus on your efforts to tweak the content as much as you’re able to.

Ideally, you can use the blog content as a springboard to rewrite as your own, but that’s not the only thing you can do if you don’t have time to do that. First, find some PLR articles or PLR blog posts that are being sold as content designed for this purpose.

You can find some shorter posts and some longer ones that are over 800+ words in length. Keep in mind what Google and other search engines are looking for. They’ve mentioned wanting their users to find valuable content, which often means posts like pillar blog posts that are comprehensive (exhaustive) in nature.

If you’re using content that other PLR buyers will be using on their blog, you might want to tweak it as much as you can without a total rewrite. Start by changing the title that you will use on your blog.

Then, write a brand new introduction that ideally has a little bit of personalization in it that can set you apart from other people using it to rank in the SERPs. Go through and edit any information that you feel needs to be changed to properly represent your brand.

If you are trying to use the content to rank in the search engines, have a particular focus on a keyword phrase that you want to rank for and make sure you have woven that throughout the content.

If you are going to do a total rewrite, or want it to stand apart as much as possible, you can use a tool like Copyscape to put the content in and see what it takes to get you to a level where it is not showing up as identical content that someone else is using.

You’re not going to get penalized by Google if you have the same content as another site. The only time this is frowned upon is if you have the same content on many different pages within your own site, because then it looks as if you are trying to beef up your site by pretending you have a lot of new blog posts.

But they do only choose one or two sites with identical information to show up in the SERPs at a higher ranking, so anything you can do to make that happen by changing the content is a smart way to go.

You may be able to merge different articles together to make something new and different than other people have. You can also take pieces of reports and eBooks that you buy as PLR and turn those into blog content.

This is smart because most PLR buyers will use the content as it is sold to them, which means they will be using the reports and eBooks as lead magnets and info products, and very few people will be using it on their blog.

Remember to be careful about whose PLR you are using when breaking up bigger products into blog posts because some vendors do not allow you to do this with things like eBooks and reports.

Make sure, when you are posting to your blog, that you are adding your affiliate links or links to info products that you have created from other PLR content. You want to be monetizing the blog content, in addition to getting it to rank well so that you can increase your traffic and build a list.

Share PLR on Your Favorite Social Networking Platforms

There are some private label rights vendors who create content that is specifically made for social networking platforms. These range from Pinterest bundles to Facebook posts and Twitter tweets.

You can find a short snippets of text that will serve as a viable post for you on a site like Facebook so that you can get engagement and interact with your followers. You can also find social quote posters or infographics that can be shared on these sites.

If you are posting content to your blog, you can embed those images on the blog so that when you share the link on a social network like Facebook, it will automatically pull in the image from the post so that it shows up better in everyone’s feed.

You don’t only have to use PLR content that is identified as social networking posts on these platforms. At anytime you can extract a quote or message from any other type of private label rights content and share it on social media as plain text or by going to Canva and creating a social quote poster of your own.

You can even find video PLR and audio PLR that you can use to share on YouTube, TikTok, and on a podcast platform like Sometimes, you’ll find these multimedia bundles sold as upsells to a text front end product during a launch.

For example, Tools for Motivation might have a front end launch that’s primarily made up of text, with audio and video versions of that content sold in the upgrade. You’ll need to check out their license on how it can be used.

If you’re using TikTok, you might find video PLR being sold online by vendors that you can use a video editing tool like Camtasia or CamStudio with and extract a clip or snippet to be shared on TikTok, while the entire long video is uploaded to YouTube.

Set Up an Entire Funnel of Info Products Using PLR Content

Once you have your lead magnet set up to build a list, your autoresponders nurturing those subscribers, your blog pulling in traffic and the social networking content that helps create a buzz for your brand, you will want to have a product in place so that you can begin earning from that content.

Many people simply buy a PLR eBook and turn it into a PDF that they sell to their target audience. In fact, many PLR vendors will sell you all of the accompanying material that goes along with that.

This includes the eBook itself as well as the sales letter and sales page with graphics. there are also video courses that can be purchased that you can upload into a membership for your buyers.

Another thing many PLR vendors now sell are challenges. These are courses that unfold over a period of time, such as a 30 day challenge or a two week challenge where are you unlock a certain lesson each day so that your buyers can consume the lesson and implement it before moving on to the next.

With video PLR, you can always drop it into a video editing tool and extract their audio so that you can record your own voice delivering the lesson. Many video PLR packs come with the transcript so that you can do this easily.

Then, all you have to do is process it with the new audio track and upload it to your membership area. If you can create a hybrid product that also includes the text, that will benefit your audience even more because they can choose their media preferences when taking your course.

If you are wanting to maximize the amount of revenue you earn from selling this product, you will want to not only find PLR that will represent a front end product, but also enough to give you the ability to create a funnel that has one to two upgrades in it as well.

You might be able to find courses that supplement or pair well with your front end topic. Or, you might find one PLR course that is broad for newbies, and another that is more detailed for advanced marketers that you can sell as an upgrade.

If you just want to supplement the information, you might find that creating a mind map helps in your search. For example, if you are in the online marketing niche, you might have branches that teach website traffic, search engine optimization, product creation, affiliate marketing, and more.

You know that if your target audience is interested in one of those topics, chances are they’re going to be interested in the other ones. Therefore, any of those would pair nicely together.

Use PLR to Create Bonuses That Pull in Profits

In today’s online marketing world, consumers are well-versed in the fact that affiliates and vendors know the value of competing bonuses. If you are a vendor who is having your own info product launch, you want to create bonuses out of private label rights reports that you can list as a free gift if they purchase before a certain date.

These are often called launch bonuses or early bird bonuses and are included only for those customers who purchase before the launch ends. You can use shorter reports for this purpose, such as five page reads, and list them on the sales page.

This is something your affiliates can also tout whenever they are promoting your product and want to achieve more sales during the launch in order to win one of your cash prize contests.

You can also use private label rights as bonuses for your own affiliate promotions of other peoples’ products. Because customers are bonus shopping, which means they are waiting to see who has the best bonus before they decide whose link to buy through, you want to make sure that your bonus items stand apart from the rest of the competition.

You can merge several private label rights reports together to make a complete eBook course for your buyers. Or, keep the reports separate and let your buyers know they’ll get multiple bonuses from you.

If you purchased a lead magnet that you want to use as a bonus item, you can see if it comes with a lead magnet sales page and simply tweak it to be a bridge page instead that you use to show them your free gift before they click through and buy the product.

That way, the graphics, copy and page are already done for you and you can just change the wording from “download this free gift” to something like, “download my bonus when you purchase XYZ product through my link.”

Be Strategic with the PLR to Convert Traffic Into Affiliate Income

PLR is a great way to quickly and easily start accumulating affiliate income. In addition to using it as bonuses, you can use it on your blog, in email autoresponders or directly on social networking sites to earn as an affiliate.

Keep in mind that if you bought a bundle of Amazon product reviews, you still have to abide by Amazon’s rules for how you’re promoting their products as an affiliate. They don’t want you promoting directly from your emails or in a PDF.

But they do allow social posts and blog posts. But if you’re promoting something like ClickBank products from PLR ClickBank product reviews, you can use them anywhere that the link is accepted.

Whenever you buy PLR content that you’ll be posting to your blog or using on social networks or in emails, make sure you’re looking for ways to monetize it as an affiliate. The article might not be designated as a review, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add wording or even add an anchor hyperlink into the content that points to something they need.

You might buy a bundle of articles teaching people how to start a survival garden, and it’s filled with great “how to” content. Within the content, you might see a place where it mentions gardening tools, and you can go to Amazon, search for that phrase, and grab your affiliate link to the results page to include.

Or, you might find a PLR report about keeping pests out of your garden. In the report, it might mention how tomatoes are prone to various pest problems. Inside the report, you might find anchor text about growing tomatoes and you can add a hyperlink to that anchor text that leads to a ClickBank info product for growing tomatoes.

Use PLR as a Way to Tap Into Creator Funds

Creator funds are a newer way to make money, at least on some platforms. It’s the money that is put into a fund and split among the top content creators on social networking sites.

In order to use PLR to your benefit with this strategy, you need to use the content to project your authority in the niche and be helpful and engaged with your target audience.

Creator funds are typically paid out to people with a larger following, who post regular content. So you can fill the gaps in your own publishing schedule with readymade PLR content.

You can do this in almost any niche. For example, you might tap into the gardening niche and find tons of gardening PLR that most marketers are just copying and pasting into their blog.

But you can use it as a transcript to record dozens of short form videos and upload them to TikTok so that you can start enjoying the revenue from the creator funds provided there.

Many platforms pay creator funds or give incentives. These include TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Clubhouse, Spotify, Substack, and more.

Develop a publishing plan to turn your PLR into creator revenue. For example, if you find an article called “10 tips for newbie gardeners” you can do a series where you take one tip and record a 15-second to one minute video of the tip for TikTok.

Or, you can use the PLR content as a springboard. If the tips are 10 things to do, you might turn it into 10 things not to do. For example, if one of the tomato growing tips is to plant it in a sunny spot, your tip of what not to do is “plant it in a shady spot.”

Any way you can set your content apart is a good idea because it makes it stand out, and it endears you to your target audience. If you find that certain content gets a bigger reaction or goes viral on the social network, then try to find more PLR about that topic.

Develop Coaching Programs from the PLR You Buy

Coaching programs can bring in a lot more money than a simple digital download of an eBook can. Coaching customers expect a certain level of hands on involvement from you, and you can still achieve this using private label rights content.

There are two PLR vendors in particular who sell courses that are ready to go for marketers who want to promote their own high ticket coaching program. Sharyn Sheldon of Content Sparks has courses that include lead generating material, student material and instructor materials.

You’ll have content that guides you in what to tell your students and they’ll have content you give them to work on to help them achieve their goals. For the student materials, you’ll get things like the course book, action guide, questionnaires, exercises, trackers, checklists, cheat sheets and more.

As the instructor (or coach), you’ll be given speaker notes and slideshows, tips for delivering the training, and step-by-step instructions for customizing and repurposing your content.

Melissa Ingold and Nicole Dean at Coach Glue have readymade coaching programs with private label rights that you can launch such as empowerment or wealth-building programs, mindset or self-care topics and more.

So you might buy a coaching program that teaches your clients how to create a lucrative sales funnel, and you’ll get all of the coaching lessons, the sales page, the lead generating materials and more done for you.

You can either turn these into one-on-one coaching programs or sell group coaching options. They can also be turned into bootcamp or mastermind retreats, virtual workshops and more.

They’re usually a bit more expensive than simply buying a PLR eBook because they come with a lot of content and strategy built into the package, but if you’re selling a coaching program, you’ll likely make that investment back in a single sale.

Take Low Content PLR and Turn It Into a Digital Download Store

If you start digging around, you’re going to see two different types of PLR vendors. There are those who create normal length content, such as blog posts, reports, eBooks, and more – and those who create short form content.

These low content providers have PLR you may not want to miss. These products include things like journals, planners, coloring book pages, checklists, cheat sheets, image packs and more.

You can find some of these items from vendors like Kelly McCausey, Alice Seba, Sue Fleckenstein, Lynette Chandler, and more. There are marketers who use PLR like this to create stores on Etsy or Shopify.

What’s great about this type of PLR is that it’s easily editable. You can usually find detailed instructions about how to work with the content using simple tools like PowerPoint or Canva and then swap out things like images or shapes to create something new, in a lot less time.

Consider Using PLR to Sell to Offline Business Owners

While online money is wonderful, don’t forget that some of your customers won’t be fellow marketers, but offline business owners who need content for their client or customer newsletters that they print for their office.

Some of them might have a brick and mortar storefront, but an email list or blog that they need content for. If you buy resell PLR, you can create content for them to use in their business.

For example, a dietician might have a practice offline, but she wants her clients to be able to either take a print version or receive an email of a newsletter with tips in it that you got from some health resell PLR.

Many of these same buyers will be purchasing the read-only materials you’re selling because they don’t know anything about building a website so they can compete with other local businesses.

Private label rights in an affordable and effective tool you can use to get more traffic, build a list, and make plenty of sales. You can use it as is, tweak it a bit or do a full rewrite so that it helps you set yourself apart with a fraction of the work it would take to create from scratch.

Start small, buying a pack to familiarize yourself with, and then gather what you need for a project or for a period of time, such as each week or month and then manipulate it however you like so that it supports your brand and messaging.



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