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Welcome to my review of Freedom Marketing System by the creator/vendor Tim Ikels.

The digital marketing industry is a rapidly evolving and competitive field, and it can be difficult for individuals to navigate and succeed without proper guidance. It is important to approach any product or system that promises to provide success in this field with a critical eye and a thorough understanding of the product. So with that in mind…

We’ll take a close look at what Freedom Marketing System exactly is about, learn a bit more about Tim who is the creator of the product, and the main concepts and ideas we can learn from this product.

In addition, we’ll investigate the complete funnel which includes 3 upgrades and I’ll give you my honest opinion on each of those.

But just for full disclosure: I am an affiliate for Freedom Marketing System, so I’ll receive some compensation in case you sign up to Freedom Marketing System through one of my links below and/or if you then decide to buy any of the upgrades.

I only recommend really valuable, cost-effective/fair-priced, high quality products from authentic (& reachable!) vendors and products that I use myself.

I would never recommend any garbage/nonsense products just to make a quick commission. I think that’s highly unethical, causes all kinds of (refund) issues and in addition it attracts the wrong people.

Let’s dive in.

Freedom Marketing System – Here are the facts

Freedom Marketing System Review

  • Product name: Freedom Marketing System
  • First release: March 7, 2023
  • Creator: Tim Ikels (aka “Online Business Dude”)
  • Product websiteFreedom Marketing System
  • Type: Proven affiliate marketing training course with 1 goal: Getting to $100/day consistently with simple but effective affiliate marketing and organic traffic.
  • Price: $9.95
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Recommended: Absolutely Recommended

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What Does The Backend/Members Area Look Like?


As you can see, the training is structured in a logical way, and it includes all formats: Text, audio, and videos.

Now just to be clear these are early images of the members area. There have been updates and additions made since I took these screen shots

The guy behind the course, Tim, will be adding more videos and improving the course over time. He even documents these changes in a changelog. He does this with all his products and I do not expect him to change that philosophy anytime soon.

That’s a really nice touch!

What really impressed me is that Freedom Marketing System clearly is NOT your “typical Warrior Plus marketing course”. You, I am sure, probably came across a few of those in the past… At least I did.

This is a much better quality training than many really expensive courses and definitely better than 95%+ of all paid courses I’ve seen so far on WarriorPlus or JVZoo or Clickbank.

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The Complete Funnel / Investigating All Upgrades

Front-End: Freedom Marketing System

Price: $9.95

This is the main (affiliate marketing) training which covers online marketing basics, required tools, affiliate core offer selection, mindset (the audios helped me a lot!), email marketing, lead generation and traffic generation.

The screenshot of the backend above shows the main training.

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Upgrade One: Ultimate Marketing Vault

Price: $17 (one-time)

So what exactly is the Ultimate Marketing Vault?

Let me show you another screenshot I just took:

RIK Members Area - Screenshot
UMV Members Area – Screenshot

They obviously used the same “technology” for their members area of the RIK, but I really like that.

With the UMV you basically get access to a lot of very useful tools/resources and additional, very helpful video training.

Tim also explains in two of the videos where you can host your funnel/pages for completely free!

This is great because in this case cheap/free does NOT mean low quality, quite the opposite: Although the service is free, it’s the same hosting service that companies like Peleton, Verizon, Twilio, Mailchimp, Danone, Nike, and many others are using.

So we’re talking about a very professional service here that’s just offering a very generous, free option.

Also, your pages will be served blazingly fast… Much better than with any of the WordPress solutions or even software like Builderall, Groove, or even Clickfunnels.

I still can’t believe they offer it for free and that I got access to this resource for just $7!

Insane value for money in my opinion.

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Upgrade Two: SAI – Secret Affiliate Insider

Price: $97 (one-time) -There also is a monthly option. Being a member myself you will find that the one-time purchase is well worth it. The value is definitely there.

Interestingly enough, not many reviews online about Freedom Marketing System are talking about the Secret Affiliate Insider. (besides the most successful reviewers being a member/part of this exclusive group!)

I have to be a bit ‘careful’ here because the rule is “what happens inside the SAI, stays inside the SAI”.

But I still want you to understand how incredible this group is… After logging in there are a couple of different channels:

  • start-here – this is where new members are welcomed, and a lot of “chit chat” happens. In all honesty, I’m not a big fan of small talk etc. but it’s cool that Tim is always just a few keystrokes away.
  • review-access – this channel is worth alone the price for the SAI times 10! No joke, the value of what’s being shared here is insane… But I can’t say more about it here, sorry. I respect the rules.
  • testing – not sure about this channel, I’ve never used it
  • accountability-group – this is a channel for keeping each other accountable. I don’t really need it as I’m pretty self-motivated and -driven but hey, for those who need it: It’s there for you! 🙂
  • affiliate-support – never really used this channel to be honest. I think you can get help with your affiliate promotions here from Tim. But it’s pretty quiet.
  • advanced-training – this is a really cool channel. Tim is sharing a few really helpful advanced trainings here! I particularly like the case-studies, very very helpful!

In addition to these channels, I’ve got access to Tim on a direct, 1:1 basis which is cool, chat and voice (with screensharing) works great and these guys just want us to succeed!

I’m pretty sure they’ll turn this group into a monthly membership as soon as they launch, so if I was you, I’d jump in as long as it’s available for this low one-time fee.

Tim told me everyone who bought the SAI will be grandfathered in, and I trust his word.

Check out this (relatively new) members’ comment, it expresses what I also think about the Secret Affiliate Insider:

Secret Affiliate Insider - Screenshot
Secret Affiliate Insider – Screenshot

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Upgrade Three: Special License Rights

Price:  $97 (one-time)

The license rights only make sense if you like the product and promote it as an affiliate.

I think Freedom Marketing System represents a great affiliate core offer (it’s all explained within the free training what that is, why you need one, and how to choose one, etc) and therefore I bought the (special) license rights.

Why did I go for the SLR instead of the “standard” license rights?

Because with the special license rights you’re also getting your complete clients’ data!

I’ve never seen any affiliate program offer something like that, and it helps a lot with personalized follow-up…

If you’re brand new to affiliate marketing, I’d honestly skip this for now and instead work through the free training and consider getting the RIK and definitely I’d get into the Secret Affiliate Insider. (best value/money in my opinion)

Let’s Talk Bonuses…

This is where it’s getting crazy: These guys included some really cool bonuses with their training.

But these are not your “typical/standard” bonuses like cheap, crappy PLR or “lite”-courses of other marketers.

Instead, Tim found some really valuable videos, audio-interviews and documents (all in PDF format) that we can download for free.

For example, I think the videos by Jay Abraham are absolutely fantastic and deliver tremendous value.

Sure, you could find those on YouTube for free if you knew exactly what you’re looking for.

But it’s a nice touch getting access to this very high-quality marketing material in the bonus section of a course that I already enjoy and already consider high-quality by itself.

Bonuses - Screenshot
Bonuses – Screenshot

Pre-Launch Special: Currently $0.00 – Get More Info Here

What I Really Like About Freedom Marketing System

Ok, now to the important part:

What I really like about Freedom Marketing System:

  1. Tim seems to be pretty cool, knowledgeable, and trustworthy guy. I saw him (Tim Ikels) on a few affiliate leaderboards this year.
  2. The main training is structured in a nice, complete way and the backend is completely mobile responsive.
  3. I particularly like the audio files and wish there were even more.
  4. The focus on email marketing/list building makes this training sustainable.
  5. The traffic generation method is legit and proven over and over again, it’s still working in 2021, and it’ll continue to work in 2022 and beyond – evergreen stuff, I really like that!
  6. In terms of the upgrades, the value and especially value for money is insane – I’m talking about the RIK and the Secret Affiliate Insider. If you like the (currently free) main training of LC, you’ll def love (or at the very least appreciate) the upgrades.
  7. I like the “No BS” approach very much, Tim gets straight to the point.

What I Don’t Like About Freedom Marketing System / What I Think Should Be Improved

Here’s what I don’t like:

  1. I wish there was even more video training… But I can see (from the RIK) that these guys are keeping their word and indeed constantly add videos to the training and upgrades.
  2. There’s no set date when LC gets out of pre-launch… So I’d get on board while it’s still free.
  3. A paid traffic training or DFY traffic upgrade would be great.

Conclusion / Summary

What can I say… I love Freedom Marketing System and I think you should get on board while it’s still free!

In terms of the upgrades, upgrade number 1 (RIK) is a completey no-brainer and especially upgrade number 2 (Secret Affiliate Insider) is what moved my business forward in a big way.

Here’s the bottom line:

If you want to make $100/day from professional affiliate marketing in a sustainable, legit, and proven way, based on solid fundamentals – I don’t know what you’re waiting for, really.

The (currently free) training is much better than most paid trainings that I’ve bought in the past.

And a valuable, high-quality info product on affiliate marketing that gets continuously updated… Making it evergreen… And listed on WarriorPlus… Is really unheard of.

Go check it out, now:


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